The USBG on Maintaining a Constant Flow of Sales Using Automation” Workshop Recordings 14 Day Access Pass STP

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Recording of LIVE 3- HOUR Virtual Experience , I’ll be teaching this workshop LIVE , so you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions .

I’ll be covering : 

  • The Typical Customer Lifecyle :The Way Most People Market their Business…
  • One of the Main Reasons some small businesses fail
  • The 3 Specific Areas of Waste in Small Business
  • The Solution to the Broken System – Typical Customer Lifecycle
  • 3 Main Steps you can to take overcome the 3 mistakes most Small businesses face.
  • Case Studies showing how different small business have been able to grow their business
  • Case Studies showing how different small business have implemented automation to help them save time and be more efficient in their business
  • Tools and systems necessary to overcome these mistakes
  • Special Gift for those who stay to the End
  • Plus much more…..